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Blockchain in the cannabis supply

Blockchain in the cannabis supply

Blockchain has the ability to change how we view and manage transparency to our end users and regulators within the cannabis industry.

With IBM recently submitting a proposal for using Blockchain to manage regulatory alignment for cannabis sales in BC which we fully embrace for all provinces to ensure transparency to the market we thought it was timely to release what we use Blockchain technology to do within cannaResultant.

Using Blockchain in our organization allows the end users of our product to have access to testing results, strain and terpene information, lineage, dosing recommendations and plant health throughout the product lifestyle by scanning a 3D barcode on all our products.

Regulators have transparency on our operations from source to sale making it easier to ensure compliance to testing protocols and tracking on sales to the various provincial distributors.

For us internally, it allows tracking and consolidation of all information from seed->sale, incorporating end user feedback as well as tracking of third party supply chains.

As more suppliers within the industry embrace Blockchain it offers a quicker way for companies to manage contracts, purchase orders and order fulfilment while providing a higher level of transparency, confidence and redundancy.

We invite you to read our white paper on how we use Blockchain and send us comments at