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6 Things the Federal Government wants to leave up to the provinces

6 Things the Federal Government wants to leave up to the provinces

Perhaps in deference to the Provinces and to placate the rejections of ideas from the more outspoken Premiers such as Ontario’s Wynne, who when asked about distribution models in July replied “We have the LCBO in place (and) I think that we’ve demonstrated that that kind of regulation is efficient and is effective.” or from Alberta Liberal Leader Dr. David Swann making his parties recommended age for purchasing cannabis be 21. ; the Task Force laid out a number of regulations that allow the provinces to both have a say over the production and sale as well as benefiting from the new taxes but left a few things up to the provinces.

1. Work with the provinces to figure out how to share the profit of the taxes – and there will be a lot of it to share.

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2. Commit to using revenue from cannabis as a source of funding for administration, education, research and enforcement and co-ordinate messaging with provincial and territorial partners

3. Work with existing federal, provincial and territorial bodies to better understand potential occupational health and safety issues related to cannabis impairment

4. What to do with youth that are caught with 5 grams of cannabis. Each Province will have to decide this application of the law.

5. What age? The feds say 18 but Ontario has already answered that it will be 19 and Alberta is contemplating 21.

6.  The actual limit that you can posses legally. The Liberals have said 30 grams but each province will be able to set the limit; and prairies, before you think about using that to make the limit 0, know that the Federal law will always supersede the provinces and you can’t change the intention of the law.

Canadian Legalization

The official legislation is being introduced by the liberal government on Thursday to make recreational cannabis use legal before July 1, 2018 but interim information releases have been made to the media.

This is what we know so far from comments made to the media from senior officials;
  • The program will continue to be managed by Health Canada.
  • There will be a focus on speeding up the licensing process (the government is worried about a shortage increasing market share for black market) and a focus on smaller producers.
  • In case some of the provinces can’t get their distribution models up in time there may be an interim Canada Post mail order solution.
  • Canadians over the age of 18/19 (depending on province) will be allowed to carry up to 30 grams of cannabis.
  • There will be tough for anyone selling or supplying anyone under the legal age.
  • Packing will be plain – marketed much like cigarettes but there is a big push by the large LPs in Canada to move more towards alcohol packing. Remains to be seen where this one will end up.
There will be some things missing from the announcement on Thursday. It is expected that provisions dealing with roadside intoxication testing will be added later after a report on a preliminary pilot project are studied are released.