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A blog that examines the science and marketing of cannabis

Canadian Legalization

The official legislation is being introduced by the liberal government on Thursday to make recreational cannabis use legal before July 1, 2018 but interim information releases have been made to the media.This is what we know so far from comments made to the media from...

Fresh flowers or dried flowers?

Fresh flowers or dried flowers?

Some cannabis concentrate companies either grow their own or partner with growers. In either case, you can either procure fresh or dried cannabis.This is an important choice. You can choose to partially cure the cannabis or you can use fresh flowers. what you decide...

Turpene Tuesday – Humulene

Turpene Tuesday – Humulene

For this week's post we are going to look at one of my favorite turpenes, Humulene.Humulene gets it's name from Humulus lupulus - the common hops plant and belongs to a subclass of terpenes in the sesquiterpenes class. It's what gives beer that distinctive...

CO2 vs Butane

With the addition of cannabis concentrate producers into the recreational markets, new regulations will be issued to govern the safe production of cannabis concentrates.Currently, there are two prevailing technologies that are being used at scale to produce oils,...

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